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About us

Guangzhou Jindasheng Leather Products Co., Ltd started it’s journey in 2004 by setting up small wallet manufacturing unit in 

Qinghu,Guangzhou city.Now it has been developed with 3 factories which located in Guangzhou and Jiangxi province.It has a

 total of 100 employees in all it’s branches.The management of Jindasheng is dynamic, pro-active and sincere to their jobs 

taking advantage of their technical know-how, industry knowledge and expertise developed over the last decade.Our core 

products are: Wallets,purse,clutches,handbags,crossbody, satchel,Pouch,Hobo and orhter PU leather products  for Canada,

 EU, Middle East, Aus, UK & the US markets. The entire factory premise has all the state of the art technologies required in 

support of the buyer and ensures timely delivery. 



Contact: Mr Liang,Simon Luo

Phone: 13711489758

Tel: 020-86602292

Email: jds@jdsflydream.com

Add: 4/F, B Building, 1 Middle-East, Taoyuan South Street, Shima Village, Junhe Str. Baiyun Dist. Guangzhou City, Guangdong Pro. China.

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